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iPhone 6 Plus Survives 80″ drop down a shaft

October 20, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

  "Of course. I was tensioning a ground cable that needed to be as close to wall of shaft for sleeve insert. I had the phone in my chest pocket and must of bumped it and there it went tumbling. My focus was on the cable, to ensure that it stayed in place p… Read More

5 Places to Buy Unique iPhone Cases

April 5, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Sometimes it can be difficult to find unique iPhone cases. Maybe where you are shopping is frequented by everybody else, or you’ve searched for a specific case design and you just haven’t found it yet. Well, here is a list of 5 good places to shop for a unique… Read More

7 Advantages of Owning a Samsung Note 2 | Note 2 Case

April 3, 2014  /  Urban Armor Gear  /  Comments (0)

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is an excellent phone, and really an excellent Android device in general. There’s a good reason why the company has sold over 3 million Note 2’s in just over a month. The phone features a particularly large screen on which to view med… Read More